Michael Jackson – Dangerous Dance

The video I have for you is something that should be known if you are a Michael Jackson fan. As the title states, it is the Dangerous dance that was performed by Michael Jackson. I find this dance to be one of his best in terms of choreography and complexity. The way that all the dancers and Michael put their enthusiasm into it makes me want to do the same. Although, if you haven’t noticed or seen it yet, Michael lip syncs to the song. It’s actually not a big deal; it becomes very hard to sing and dance at the same time. Trying to do both at the same time just might make the performance mediocre, since you are putting 50% of the effort on one thing then the rest on the other. So you are better off doing one of the things well, then trying to do both at the same time. I guess you could have a mix; sing before you dance or dance before you sing and make a unique combination. Don’t try to be like Usher at the grammys attempting to sing and dance at the same time; he sounded terrible! Anyways, besides the lip syncing, there is a part where he puts in the signature Smooth Criminal dance. It adds a lot more energy to the performance because people weren’t expecting that, or at least I didn’t.

What do you think of the dance? Is it one of his best performances? Why/why not?

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